Selective Restoration

It's not every day that a building gets power washed.  But when it needs attention, clients call upon us time and again.  That’s because we take care in our approach.  If you need to have your building pressure washed here is what will happen when you call on Service Building Maintenance to pressure wash your building. 

  1. Kurt S. Krueger meets with you at the site to gain a clear understanding of the scope of work.  He will analyze the building and discuss any problem or challenged areas.
  2. To ensure the accuracy of our premium cleaning method, Service Building Maintenance comes to your building to perform a test area.  The purpose of the test site is to be assured that the most effective and least aggressive method is used. 
  3. Now the work can begin.  With each contract awarded to Service Building Maintenance, our team of experts takes into consideration the construction of the building and decides the best technology that is the least aggressive to the building’s facade.
  4. Service Building Maintenance constantly evaluates its cleaning processes and searches for ways to make improvements.  All of our craftsman attend safety training and keep safety as a priority in our workday.

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