About Us

Service Building Maintenance, Inc. was founded by its owner, Kurt S. Krueger in 1984.    Since that date, SBM has performed a wide variety of exterior restoration services in the greater Chicagoland area.   Please take some time and review our web site to view a complete list of services that can be provided.

Service Building Maintenance, Inc. professionally performs services at hi-rise office towers to commercial warehouse spaces as well as corporate campuses.  The company began as a full service window cleaning contractor serving the Chicago area.  While servicing our customers, we came upon request to begin to provide window restorative services as well as moisture intrusion repairs.    

Our method of cleaning and resorting the appearance of the façade of a building is based upon preservation of the building surfaces.  We use the least aggressive techniques as required to restore the buildings surface.  This process is what we call “Selective Restoration.”  When you contact SBM, we will analyze each particular situation before we propose a solution.   Each problem area of the building will be assessed and you will be provided with our professional “Selective Restoration” cleaning recommendation.   The customer will be provided a written proposal recommendation for their review and consideration. 

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