Case Studies

Case Studies

Since 1984 SBM has performed a wide variety of exterior restoration services in the greater Chicagoland area. Please take some time to review our creative solutions for exterior restoration problems.

Case Studies:


This structure suffered from obvious efflorescence. We first acid washed the efflorescence which is caused by moisture intrusion. After this dried we applied a water repellent sealant. >Read More

Spalled Exterior Concrete

These photos depict spalling of exterior concrete surfaces. >Read More

Biological Growth

This concrete building has evidence of biological growth. >Read More

Test Sample

This test sample performed on the fired clay brick structure. >Read More

Enhance Buildings Appearance

Some buildings can be cleaned to appear more attractive without chemicals the appearance of the building can be enhanced with using water pressure only. >Read More


The limestone mullions show 20 years of accumulated biological growth. >Read More

Cleaning of Precast Concrete Panels

The structure was constructed in the 1960’s with exposed aggregate precast concrete panels. Over the years the concrete yellowed with age and darkened in appearance. Our approach was the determined how to clean the building with most effective yet least aggressive method. We tested our special apparatus that allows us to clean surfaces much butter than with a regular wand. >Read More

Inferior Pressure Washing

As the saying goes: If the only tool you have is a hammer then everything looks like a nail. While pressure washing is a practical way to clean masonry surfaces it is not without its hazards. >Read More
Case Studies:
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