Safety Record

At SBM we are very safety conscious from a crew member first day to ongoing operations.  SBM orients new employees to our safety policy.  We hold frequent safety meetings focusing on Hi-Rise rigging, ladder safety and various other safety issues. 

Service Building Maintenance Inc. endeavors to maintain a safe workplace by comprehensive training.  Safety reviews and a meaningful safety policy. 

One way of evaluating safety records of the contractor (or any company for that matter) is to review their workers compensation history or rating.  Often contractor insurance companies accomplish this by calculating a rating.  This rating encompasses various factors such as payroll, industry type, claims (injuries) and frequency of claims.   This boils down to a rating number.  1.0 is considered an average or expected claims paid formula.  Above 1.0 is negative to the contractor and indicated a higher risk to the insurance companies.  A below 1.0 number is indicated reduced risk or a more favorable history.  Currently SBM enjoys a .93 rating.  This means the insurance industry views our company as very favorable.  As SBM has had fewer claims than anticipated compared to our industry peers. 

Requiring EMR’s of potential contractors will help to evaluate true safety records.  Our records are available to our customers, upon request.

A Workers Compensation Policy rating worksheet can be obtained by faxing a letter to the NCCI at fax number 561-893-1191.

OSHA violations also should be considered when evaluating safety of a contractor.  Before you hire any contractor you should check the OSHA website at and to establishment search.

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